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Chaing Mai

two night busses later

From Phuket, we decided in our infinate wisdom to get a night bus to Bangkok, to then wait a day and get the next night bus to Chaing Mai...

the first night bus convinced Leanne we were going to die, but as i pointed out at the time
a) the drivers do the route all the time, they know the roads and how to drive a bus
b) if we were going to die the coach we were following would have an accident first so we wouldnt actually die, just be maimed in the pile up afterwards
c) given that she gets motion sickeness and was still able to read, we realy cant have been doing all that much swerving and bobbing around on the roads...

As we are clearly still alive, all my points stand

Then in Bangkok we arrived at 6 am.. after refusing taxies for 400 bhat we got a metered one as we wanted for 120 bhat. perseverance and the belief everyone is out to fool you makes for a good traveller in bangkok. We grabbed some breakfast in the centre of bangkok and waited for an internet cafe to open up to check the Vietnamese embassey, while wating we met a woman who advised us to go to her ' cousins' travel agents and sort out our bus tickets while waiting. She then sorted out a tuk tuk for us leading strongly to the belief she would be getting commission from this, but as we did infact need a travel agent, we didnt really mind too much and we got ourselves a cheap lift there. As it turns out it was a saturday (as you may know from the last blog i was a bit confused as to the date and time and day. I swear april has 31 days but the calanders are proving me wrong repeatedly... i have checked many!) and the embassey was shut, he offered to sort out our visa's for us. Now again this could well be a lie but given the fact it had just been labour day and every where we went we were told it was shut for a bank holiday we decided to go with the flow. He got us sorted out for the bus that night and we could leave our bags there... which was our plan for the start once we had been online. Given the news about the embassey being shut we had a free day and so decided to wonder around the mbk shopping centre which is really more made up of stalls...

It also turns out to have been the MBK's second birthday so there was a bizzare - we - assume - Japanese - themed concert with lots of children running around looking like they were out of Manga and lots of lip syncing. Very Very surreal when you've not had a lot of sleep.. Anyway we shuffeled on to get our next night bus where we had the front seats so more leg room and a bigger bus/coach so Leanne felt more reassured we weren't going to die. though i still had the window seat so she couldn't see us passing vehicles as clearly! wuss!

We arrived at Chaing Mai at 4 am and were picked up by the hostel we had booked into when we got the bus tickets. They let us check in early so we had a 6 hour nap and headed out to see the city. We were due to go trecking the next day but as there weren't enough people we were postponed till the day after.
With our free day i signed us up for a cooking course, Leanne would like me to point out that this was not of her choice! Anyway, I was very excited and really enjoyed it, we saw the market, got to choose our own dishes to cook and got to taste seasonal fruits as well.

Having finished at two we pottered about, swapped our books and generally didnt do much in the afternoon apart from our pre trek meeting. After this it all started to go a bit wrong for me. A stroll through town to pic up the stuff we needed generated a bit more appetite so we stopped again to eat. However as we were both engrossed in our thrillers we picked them up straight after and I absentmindedly sipped not at my sprite but at the glass of water on our table. Newcastle were playing Chelsey so we headed back so Leanne could watch and I went to bed with my book.
The problems started around 2 am. 6 hours later it became clear i would not be treking that day at all.. one trip to the clinic, an injection in the bum, 4 pills and some electrolyte solution later i was sent home to sleep off the sedative i'd taken... Dinner time rolled around and I forced down some rice before falling back asleep to wake up completely restored! Not hungry but ready to go, so we agreed to go on the 2 day trek in stead of the original 3 day as they said it wasn't too hard.

News on that will have to follow later as i am now starving and must go and charge my phone to call mum and let her know i'm not sick and am in fact alive!

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