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Kuala Lumpur

the most difficult place to spell apparently...

We have moved on to Kuala Lumpur now (which i can not spell despite typing it about 30 times so far) it is hot but much more exciting than Singapore... Leanne says it smells funny. which is true. We rumbled out of our hostel for some breakfast in Singapore and i was told i had to have the local one which was coconut rice with chilli sauce, a chicken leg, some peanuts cooked with tiny fish and two pizza slized shaped bits of omelette. it was interesting...

Then we got to the bus station to find out that on Wednesdays the bus runs at 10 and 12, we got there at 10:15. Never mind! There was some mild waiting in the sunshine hysteria which was started by me finding jelly bits in my can of mango juice... most bizzare. Then we flip flopped on to our 5 hours bus to KL where the boarder crossing took less time than the song playing on the radio and gave us two new stamps for the passport. Que the passport jelousy as i have two more stamps than Leanne having been to toronto and New York since i got my passport. Now she insists we go to Toronto so she can have a stamp from there too...

We arrived at the end of the tropical rain in Kuala Lumpur and found the hostel around the corner from the bus station with almost no trouble at all... then headed out to see what was going on and get something to eat because Leanne was STARVING!! she had declined the coconut chilli rice chicken thing on grounds of vegetarianism...
As it was quite confusing with the nightmarket in china town setting up and rush hour and the hunger Leanne had peanut butter on crackers ... from a 7/11.. Tonight we will be more adventurous. Whether we like it or not!

I made her eat fruit for breakfast and refused to go to starbucks! ha! hahahaha! (yes washed in bottled water first)

We flip flopped on out to walk the city and got to the Kuala Lumpur Tower, it used to be the tallest in the world but then other things got built so its now 4th tallest. The views accross the city were phenomenal with the clouds and hills in the distance. The lift man infomred us the lift moves down at 6m a second whcih really helped my unhappy tummy during our descent!

We then joined a nature walk in a bit of jungle in the middle of the city ... HOW COOL IS THAT?! there is a jungle in the middle of the city... or city in the midst of jungle-ings... its about 3 million years old and they are tricking the monkeys with bins that look open but have another lid - its quite complex. We didnt see any monkeys though.
Then it started to rain. so we flip flopped back before our legs gave way out of exhaustion.

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Our first stop - yes we actually left!

Well we arrived into Singapore after a 12 hour flight wehre we slept for 2 hours. It is hot and sticky and then we had to find a hostel. We jumped on to the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit - like the tube) with our Singapore version of oyster cards - none of the tourist one trip ticket for us, oh no! Our first stop was city hall because it sounded central, we got outside and consulted the books. As we were still in jeans trainers socks etc with our backpacks it was a little too warm for some of us... so we hot footted it to the nearest hostel up the road and luckily they had a room free so we are writing this from the internet in the backpackers cozy corner hostel.

Refusing to stop and have a nap we headed straight out for a long long walk. First off we went down to the river estury and Merlion park via an intersting undergroud detour through the theater and arts centre, then all around the coast and up the river itself passing boat and clarke quay which were very very pretty. Given that it was still before 12 it was pretty quiet so we just kept flip flopping around till we walked our way up to Orchard road - a major shopping centre. At this point it became apparent some sleeping was going to have to go on, so after and cold fruit smoothie we flip floped to a MRT and got back to our hostel for a 1 hour nap.... 3 hours later we realised we forgot to set the alarm!

ANyway, we were up so we headed out to little india to have a look around and get something to eat. Some more flip flopping some commenting on the weather and then dinner in a little indian restaurant... and then the storm arrived. The huge black clouds that had been rolling in began to thunder, then lightning, then the sky opened... for about 4 minutes while we were sat under a canopy. Some more flip flopping and we're at our hostel and its 8pm and we may go for a beer just to stay awake a few more hours.

Its very exciting, but a little unreal, as we're still in a city its hard to beleive we're the other side of the world... but when i do i get a litle bit giddy - that could be sleep deprivation though!

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